• Time is running out to preserve your home video memories & digitise before magnetic data is lost.

  • Analog VHS, Mini DV, DVC-Digital Video Cassette tape has a limited lifespan of approx.20 years.

  • We understand the value in preserving your precious video memories for future years.

  • We convert and copy home video tapes to digital file for cloud download, USB or hard drive.

  • Our conversions extract the highest data information possible using the best available codecs.

  • Privacy & client confidentially assured.



$42+GST per/tape

Express Service

  • 1 x tape format

  • Mini DV, VHS or VHS-C tape

  • Tape duration up to180mins

  • 720x576 file supplied as H264 .mp4

  • Provide Dropbox link to download file

  • Free tape return signed courier within NZ.

  • Items must fit 125mm x 230mm max 3kg

*If you would like a HD file, refer Pro Service

Bulk discount

5-10 tapes 10% off

10+ tapes 15% off

For USB copies see below.



$49+GST per/tape

Pro User Service

  • 1 x tape format

  • 1 x DVCAMMini DVVHS or VHS-C

  • Tape duration up to 180mins

  • Up convert MiniDV to HD resolution

  • Video supplied in both formats of Quicktime Pro Res 422 & H264 .mp4​

  • Provide Dropbox link to download file

  • Free tape return signed courier within NZ.

  • Items must fit 125mm x 230mm max 3kg

Bulk discount

5-10 tapes 10% off

10+ tapes 15% off

For USB copies see below.



$95+GST per/hr

Video Editing & enhancement

  • Bespoke customer service

  • Editing out any unnecessary scenes

  • Adding titles/subtitles or captions

  • Image restoration, digital dropout

  • Up scaling SD/HD to 4K

  • Colour enhancements

  • Audio enhancements

  • Picture stabilisation

  • Provide Dropbox link to download files

Call us for advice and information.

  • 25 years experience of broadcast TV production & digital film restoration.

  • Professional tape conversions using the latest encoding technology.

  • 10bit 4:2:2 capture & encoded to files ready for playback and editing on computers.

  • File compatible for upload to share on video hosting platforms like Youtube & Vimeo.

  • Safe and secure DropBox cloud storage, video files are stored online for download.

  • FREE return courier of customer tapse/drives up to 3kg, delivery is signature required.

  • Tape transfer service available to New Zealand resident customers only.


Payment required on acceptance of itemised quotation or prior to dispatch of video tapes or dropbox link.


We can copy your videos files to new storage devices and return post with master tapes.

Loop Media can only accept customer drives & USB's that are new, unopened in original packaging.

USB from


New USB sticks

  • 64GB $35+GST  - SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0

  • 32GB $16+GST  - SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB2.0

  • 16GB $14+GST  - SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB2.0

  • See guide below for video file sizes

HD's from


New Hard Drive

  • 1TB Backup  $115+gst  Seagate

  • Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Works with Windows and Mac without the need to reformat


High definition resolution (approx. only)

  • H264 .mp4               60mins duration = 39Gbs      90mins duration = 59Gbs

High definition resolution (approx. only)

  • ProRes 422 .mov          60mins duration = 58Gbs      90mins duration = 87Gbs


How long does it take to convert our tapes?

Once your tapes have been received we aim for a 3day internal process before dispatch.

Dependant on workload it fluctuates, we will do our best to do things as fast as practical.

How do we make payment?

We issue a itemised invoice for each project that is valid for 30days.

Payment is by online bank transfer. Payment must be received before any processes start.

What will the old footage look like on our new TV?

Unless it was shot widescreen all those years ago it will look like image below on a new TV.

We can pan and scan footage to fill full frame with the 'Director' service at hourly rate. Scaling footage reduces the image quality, the method of 'Pillarboxing' black bars either side retains the full original image.

Can you do old 8mm film transfers?

Currently this is not a service we are in a positioned to offer.

If you have a large quantity of this format we would only consider on a pre-agreed basis.

Do you do super 8mm film, Video8, Hi8, Digital8?

At this stage we only offer tape conversions for VHS, VHS-C, mini DV & DVCAM.

If you have a large quantity of any other formats we would only consider on a pre-agreed basis.

Will my tapes be safe, what about couriers?

Customers must prepare drives & USB's in a suitable safe manner for their own postage.

We have no control over 3rd parties for items in transit to or from Loop Media.

Loop Media is not responsible for any losses/damages during transit.

Items will be inspected on being received and/or being dispatched to customer.

When tapes are received, each item is logged and placed in a job tray for processing.

Our courier post service will be trackable & require the receivers signature.

Can you upscale the PAL/NTSC video to HD or 4K?

Our 'Pro User' Service upscales PAL footage up to HD resolution as part of the service.

If you need any specifics such as up convert to 4K, ask us we can do this as an additional service.

The footage is wobbly can it be improved?

Our premium 'Director' Service offers motion smoothing using our software.

We can also enhance the editing, colours and sound if practically achievable.

This service is charged by the hr, please contact us for your project needs.

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