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Hospital Digital Signage rolls out.

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

2020 presented some tough challenges for many NZ businesses. Loop Media seized the first Covid lock down as a unique opportunity to market our digital signage for public messaging. We recognised the ability to display multiple messages & quickly adapt public messaging through lockdown levels was its major advantage over printed banners.

The Canterbury DHB's communications team recognised this benefit and initially deployed a number of our rental digital signage screens at its hospitals.

Our digital screens were well received and our content management performed effectively without failure through this period.

The positive experience enabled Loop Media to provide the DHB with its very own screens.

5 x 65'' screens were built to our custom specification including blazing bright 1000Nits LCD panels that can operate 24/7. The free standing digital billboards are flexible to position onsite & avoids the challenges of permanent installations. At over 2metres tall the billboards create a massive impact as people move through the DHB's facilities across the region.

Picture: Christchurch's new Acute Services Building, Waipapa.

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