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Digital Signage - stretched screens for commercial and retail fit outs.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Are you looking for innovative ways to capture your audience with digital signage? Have you considered using different screen formats ratios? If so these slim/stretch screens are excellent for smaller installation spaces compared to bulky HD 16:9 mounted screens. Watch these digital LCD screens offer near HD resolution, lightweight compact design for quick and easy installation. Get creative with your retail fit-outs, enhance your retail shelving, shop counters, cosmetic stands or in-store product cabinet displays. Screens can also be mounted vertically come in a range of sizes (19''- 43'') and panel brightness up to 1000Nits. We get the brightest LCD panels to punch out bright promotional content that beats any static printed posters hands down. These units are ideal for brightly lit public spaces, and up to 3 times brighter than domestic screens. Get your promotional messaging playing on screen via USB or push content remotely over Wifi / LAN distributed by cloud servers. We can setup up a network of multiple screens at different locations, with no further IT infrastructure costs, no extra IT cabling and no expensive computer servers. Ask for a demo today. Watch video here.

(Pictured 29'' 1000Nits)

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